Over the Years we have come across many different types of software that can help us with that extra step to get us where we would like to go.

I have one such software from Microsoft called Open Live Writer.

In this Post I will explain what is a Post, how to use it and how to post to it without even going to your Blogging Site.

Doing it on line in the WordPress Software is very hard and it takes awhile to get it the way you want it.

Having the tools available can be one thing but knowing how and when to use them is another.

Open Live Writer has changed over the years.

You will find this GEM at:


And Tutorials on how to use Open Live Writer at:


Blogging is something anyone can do. It’s your thoughts, concerns or passion. To Blog is to express yourself, get your message across or just let people know your alive and this is what I am and do. It today’s world you can have millions of friends, (Followers), and not even leave your home.

Open Live Writer at the time of this writing is an open source program managed by Microsoft volunteers is only working on the Windows Platform. 

But enough of that lets get moving on how to install and configure the Open Live Writer application.

How to install and configure the Open Live Writer.

Open Live Writer –

Go to the Programs – File tab at the top right

Click on the Options link

Go to the “Preferences” link –  

Check the Radio Button “Open a new window for each post”


Go to the Accounts LInk –

Click on the “Add” Button then “OK”


Check the “WordPress” Radio Button –  “Next”


Fill in the Full URL for your blog site, WordPress Username and Password – “Next”


Select Blog Type: WordPress


For the Remote Web address for your blog:   Full URL: http://Your_URL/xmlrpc.php


  Your blog account should start setting up. If it fails check out the troubleshooting tips at: http://openlivewriter.org/tutorials


Give your blog setup a name –


You can change your many sites at the top.


Now click on “Publish”      


– Happy Blogging –